My Story...

     I have been long arm quilting since 2005. We started out with a Gammill Optimum plus and then added a second machine, another Gammil Optimum plus in 2010. I do all of the custom quilting and my husband, Bob, does all of the edge to edge pantograph quilting. Read more about Bob below.


I am passionate about my art and what I do in my custom Quilting. I have always drawn and doodled on paper - now I draw with thread on quilts! 


I enjoy teaching long arm classes, piecing classes, designing my own quilts, dyeing my own fabric and doing trunk shows. For a list of classes I teach please click here.

Happy Quilting 


My Husband...

Bob and I have been married since 1976. After serving 20 years in the military, getting a college degree, and climbing the corporate ladder – he learned to quilt!


Bob quilts using edge to edge pantograph patterns. We have over 300 pantograph patterns to choose from. Please see our shop to look at some of the most popular  patterns.


Bob has been pantograph quilting since 2009, and does a beautiful job! That type A personality that stays right on the line!


Bob usually also loads my quilts for me, along with helping me do all the chores of running a home. All this while still working a full time corporate job!

Big Bad Bob